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Epilators online store Domstoria.

Before buying a epilator, think about the fact that you will need it in a variety of situations and places, that is, it should be as compact and functional as possible. It is good, if the device can work both at the expense of an electric network, and finger-type batteries. This will help avoid inconvenience if there are no outlets nearby. It is also desirable that the device is water resistant. Then they can handle the steamed legs directly in the shower or the bathroom.

The most popular now are epilators with tweezers. Spring and disk devices, obviously, will soon become museum exhibits. The advantage of newer devices is the maximum reduction in pain. In addition, they are often supplemented by various accessories and attachments, through which hair removal is most effective. Depending on the equipment, the price of epilators also varies. The developers have found out which options can reduce the level of pain when plucking hairs. Among them you can call cooling, massage and stretching of the skin.

The first result is achieved by equipping the epilator with an additional container for water. The liquid is pre-frozen, and during the epilation it will relieve the pain. To neutralize unpleasant impulses of nerve endings, special massage attachments with "pimples" are also used. Stretching the skin is that the special system does not allow it to rise while plucking the hairs.

The epilator should cause a minimum of unpleasant sensations and as much as possible well to delete hair. For this reason, in stores in different cities, including Kiev, epilators of many models have special additions. Among them, for example, trimers are encountered. These devices work on the principle of an ordinary razor and are designed to remove hairs in hard-to-reach places, or to cut off hair to a certain length before the beginning of hair removal. In addition to the epilator, there can also be a brush, which needs to be guided to the desired direction. Recently, laser epilators have become more popular and in demand.

The online store Domstoria presents only high quality epilators from the world's leading manufacturers!

Our range includes models of such brands as BaByliss, Braun, Philips, Rowenta.

You can see the characteristics of the models on the product page.