Washer dryers

Washer dryers online store Domstoria.

We decided to buy a washing-drying one - the offer from our online store will surely interest you. We have models of world famous brands such as AEG, Electrolux, Indesit, Samsung, Whirlpool, Zanussi and others.

Common - automatic washing machines. They make the washing process simple. Some models dry just washed laundry.

Semi-automatic washing machine is a budget option, economically uses water and electricity and has a low weight and easily moves.

Washing machines with front loading have many varieties, they are easily built into furniture and fit into the kitchen interior. Vertical models with a narrow body and height are suitable for installation in the bathroom.

Washing machines with vertical loading also provide greater comfort in operation, allowing you to put forgotten lingerie in the tub during the washing process.

Choosing the right device, determine the volume of the tank. From this value depends how many things fit in the drum of the washing machine at a time. The basic options suggest loading 4-5 kg. This is ideal for a family of 2-3 people. In the range there are also units that can wash 6 or 7 kg of things at a time. They should be purchased in a large family. Devices differ in the class of washing. The highest is "A". the following letters in alphabetical order mean a decrease in the class. With the spin, the situation is exactly the same. The technology is also broken down into classes by the level of electricity consumption. The highest, at the moment, is "A +++". This technique consumes very little light, ensuring excellent washing results. Pay attention also to the number of available programs for washing clothes from different fabrics.

The official online store https://domstoria.com presents models of washing machines with the ability to load from 2 kg to 12 kg of dry linen, depth from 29 cm to 80 cm. The maximum speed of the drum rotation of machines reaches 1600 rpm. Want to buy a washing machine cheap, fast and profitable, please contact us!

Washer dryers