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According to its purpose, camera flashes are leading and following. Most cameras have a built-in flash, but its power is far from what the external one has. Therefore, they are used to create additional lighting. In this case, the camera flash is the leading one, and the external one is the slave. But if you need several light sources, then both types of flashes are used. The master pulses the response to the response of the slave. You can buy flash units of this kind in our online store

When choosing a flash, it is worth paying attention to its leading number. This is a conditional value describing its power. The leading number allows you to calculate the correct exposure for flash lighting. It should be noted that the larger the flash, the higher this value.

Flashbulbs, depending on the destination, are normal and macro. The latter are used to illuminate objects for shooting at close range. Judging by the feedback of users, this type of flash allows you to get great pictures.

Power to the flash units is provided by rechargeable batteries, so it's worthwhile to carefully monitor that at the critical moment they are not discharged.

The price of flash units is very different from the available simple to expensive professional models.

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Camera flashes