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Today, the market has a wide range of models, differing not only in design, but also in technical characteristics. Of course, prices for music centers are also significantly different. And the choice in the first place should be done, based on the purpose for which you are going to purchase the system. Perhaps you just want to listen to music or radio. Perhaps, the music center will play the role of a home theater. And maybe, you adore to arrange parties at home, which can not do without singing karaoke? For each case, a certain type of music center will work. In addition, it should be of suitable size for the room in which you plan to install it. Naturally, an expensive super-power system does not make sense to place in a small apartment.

All audio systems can be divided into three main types: midi, mini and microsystems. The latter are monoblock, they are very compact, portable and inexpensive, but when purchasing such a system, do not count on high power and a large set of functions. Minisystems are both block and monoblock, they are larger in size than the first. Depending on the characteristics and capabilities are divided into simple, medium and higher levels. Such music centers can be used not only at home, but also in small rooms for discos. Midi-systems are the most expensive, they have block construction and impressive sizes. The amplifier here is powerful, large speakers produce a sound of excellent quality. In addition to the standard options in such music centers, there may even be a record player. In fact, these are professional systems that DJs choose.

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In our assortment models of such brands as Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Sony, Thomson, Yamaha are presented.

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Home audio sets