Household fans

Household fans online store Domstoria.

In our online store Domstoria there are three types of fans: desktop, floor and fan-column. Each differs by the way of placement, capacity, price and other parameters. Therefore, before proceeding to purchases, it is advisable to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Desktop fans are compact and convenient to carry from place to place. These models are intended for installation on an elevated surface and cool small spaces, since low-power ones. Such fans are able to rotate 90 degrees, and most of them also have from 1 to 3 modes, which regulate the direction of air flows.

Floor fans have large dimensions, power and performance, and the design allows you to adjust the height and degree of tilt. They are installed on the floor and are oriented for blowing large areas.

The fan-column though is put on the floor, but because of its design features refers to a separate type. It resembles an acoustic column of a presentable appearance and compact dimensions. The advantages include functionality.

Choosing a fan, give preference to models with several modes of operation, a reliable stand and the ability to rotate the unit with blades.

The price of a fan of this type depends on its appearance and functionality. As a rule, they have three speeds and a rotation mode of 180 degrees. It is also possible to program a certain on-off time for the device. Some models, in addition to cooling, also have the function of ionizing the air, which favors refreshing, cleaning and restoring air in the room. Most manufacturers try to provide their equipment with additional features, such as remote control and presence sensor, which activates the fan when a person enters the coverage area.

Household fans