Split-system air conditioners

Split-system air conditioners online store Domstoria.

The air conditioner is a demanded climatic device that creates comfortable climatic conditions in the room, providing user-defined parameters. The air conditioner will help to escape from the summer heat, and also to heat the house or apartment in the winter.

Air conditioners have rich functionality, so before buying such equipment it is necessary to determine the budget and with the necessary characteristics.

Air conditioners are classified by:

1. Assignment (household, industrial, automotive)

2. Type of construction (split-system, monoblock, multisplit system)

3.The type of installation of the indoor unit (wall, mobile, floor-ceiling, window, cassette, channel, column)

4. Square

At the same time, air conditioners have many modes of operation and additional functions. Using the setting of the air conditioner, set the temperature parameters, to which to cool or heat the air and use drainage, filtration, humidification and ionization. Choose automatic operation mode and ventilation mode, including with fresh air from the street.

Prices for air conditioners may vary depending on:

• manufacturer firms

• technical equipment

• characteristics

• Opportunities

In the online store Domstoria there are air conditioners of a split system of only high quality from the world's leading manufacturers!

We offer models of such brands as Fujitsu, Samsung, Toshiba, Whirlpool, Cooper&Hunter

You can see the characteristics of the models on the product page.

Well, what kind of person does not like heat in the middle of a cold winter, and coolness in the middle of a hot summer? There are probably no such people. It's so nice to come from a hot street to a house or apartment, turn on the air conditioner and enjoy the amazing coolness. There were times when it was rather difficult to buy an air conditioner in Kiev, mostly due to the high cost of this climate technology. However, as is often the case, technical progress has led to the fact that prices for equipment, including air conditioners and humidifiers, have decreased significantly, thereby making air conditioners affordable for everybody. Therefore, even nowadays, we can safely say that everyone will be able to choose for themselves the optimal model of climate technology, which will best fit their budget and needs. Our online store offers the widest range of high-quality climate technology at the best prices. In particular, our model range of air conditioners is designed in such a way that everyone can choose the right model for themselves. You can buy air conditioning in our online store domstoria.com at any time of the day. Separately, I would like to say a few words about the quality of climatic equipment sold by us. Here you will find only the latest models of the recognized world leader in the production of high-quality and reliable climate technology.

Split-system air conditioners