Portable air conditioners

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Portable air conditioners are a kind of air conditioner, in which the indoor and outdoor units are combined in one housing. Thanks to this mobile air conditioners do not require special installation, they can be easily transported from one room to another or even transported to a country house.

Mobile air conditioners are divided into two types: a monoblock and a mobile split-system.

Mobile split system.

This type differs from the previous one in that it consists of two blocks: the outer and the inner ones. The indoor unit has one air inlet and one outlet. Also at the external block. It differs from the usual split-system only by mobility and a tray for condensate.


    Low indoor sound level

    High, in comparison with a monoblock, work efficiency

    The heat output is not through the air through the air duct, but through the freon or refrigerant line, the heat exits through the external unit

    Mobility, ease of transportation at the expense of the wheels

    No installation required

    Low power


    The length of the freon highway does not allow far to distance the blocks from each other

    It is necessary to remove the condensate from the container for it

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Portable air conditioners