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In the online store Domstoria there are heaters of the following types: convectors, oil coolers, infrared heaters, fan heaters and fireplaces. Therefore, in order to correctly choose the device you need, you first need to find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of the technology presented on the site.

An oil radiator is a common appliance for heating a room. The metal case is filled with mineral oil, which when heated by an electrical spiral gives off heat to the body, which heats the air around itself. Pluses: fire-safe, noiseless, mobile. Disadvantages: the time of warming up the room, the possibility of being burned in view of the high temperature of the radiator surface, the dimensions. The convector heats the room by means of a ceramic or metal heating element, which transfers heat to the air. Due to the fact that warm and cold air masses have different density, circulation occurs: warm rushes upwards, and cold ones concentrate at the bottom. Advantages: the temperature of the housing heating, does not require shutdown due to the presence of a thermostat, high mobility, fire safety, noiselessness, efficiency.

The fan heater heats the air with a heated spiral, after which the fan delivers into the heated zone. Advantages: compact and aesthetic, heats the air and distributes it in the area of ??the room, switched off at a fall, protected from overheating, regulates the temperature by means of the set thermostat, do not require shutdown. Disadvantages: when working at high speeds, it generates noise, pollutes the air when burning oxygen together with particles of dust, sometimes produces an unpleasant smell.

An efficient and economical device for heating large areas is the infrared heater. Due to the heating of the radiator, the device emits infrared radiation, which is absorbed by the surrounding surfaces and heats them, and they in turn give out heat to the air. Advantages of such models include: noiselessness, energy saving and constancy of humidity in the room due to the fact that it does not burn oxygen. However, such devices can not be used in wet rooms, since there is always a chance of water entering the heating element (in showers, saunas).

One of the most important characteristics of the heater is the rated power. From this indicator depends on what area he is able to heat. For rooms without heating, but with good thermal insulation, approximately 1 kW per volume up to 27 m3 is required. For a dwelling with central heating, an electric heater with a capacity of 1.5 kW is required for a room with a volume of 20-25 m3.

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Electric space heaters