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Today in the market there is such an assortment of computer mice that it is sometimes not so easy to make a choice. What kind of mouse? Wired or wireless? Optical or laser? To answer these and other similar questions, you need to clearly understand what exactly you are getting the mouse for. We tried to make it easier for you, therefore we sorted the models of mice accordingly into three categories in our catalog: for home and work, for a laptop (small) and gaming.

Gamblers uniquely choose wire models. Firstly, there will not be a "slowdown" of the cursor; secondly, you do not have to constantly change the batteries or charge the batteries because of the large energy consumption. If you are going to work in office programs and surf the Internet, it is better to pay attention to the wireless mouse. Use it will be much more comfortable (even as a remote control), in addition, you get rid of unnecessary wires. So choose, based on your preferences. Moreover, the price for these and other computer mice can be the same. As for wireless, they can connect to a computer in various ways: radio frequency, induction, infrared, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Moreover, devices of the first type are more preferable in terms of quality and price.

Choosing between optical and laser technology, it is better to stop at the laser, as it is more perfect. Higher sensor resolution, accuracy and economy (for wireless models) are the main advantages of laser mice. Optical are less sensitive, on mirror and glossy surfaces work worse. The resolution of the mouse also matters. The higher it is, the better the device responds to movement. First of all, this parameter will be important for gamers. A precise sight, a jump, a quick turn-all this will make possible a computer mouse with high resolution.

Of course, the choice should also take into account the design of the device, the quality of the assembly and the materials of which it is made, the number of keys. Those who are going to buy a mouse, reviews do not hurt to read people who already use this or that device. At present it is not difficult to choose the most convenient model for any person, including for the left-hander, since both universal mice and mice for the left hand are produced.

The Internet shop Domstoria presents computer mice of only high quality from the world's leading manufacturers ASUS, Fujitsu, Gigabyte, HP, Lenovo, Logitech in a wide range and price range!

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