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Printers have long become an obligatory part of the office, for students it is necessary. In everyday life, to print personal documents or photographs, it will not be superfluous. However, when choosing a printer, sometimes there are questions - on what technology to stop, what functionality does the device have, and for which you should not overpay. Next, you will find tips on how to make the right choice.

There are several printing technologies, which are equipped with printers, popular of which are: laser and inkjet.

For printing only black-and-white documents, a laser printer with "powder" ink is suitable. It will provide high speed printing and will withstand a large load. Those who do not want to limit themselves to monochrome documents and are going to print photos, it is better to choose a model from color inkjet printers (with liquid ink). Color laser printers for the quality of printing photos are much inferior to inkjet.

In the office for color printing, it is advisable to put a solid-ink printer (with ink briquettes that melt after the device is turned on). Although its price is quite high, a simple design guarantees the reliability of the device, and after a certain time of use, the cost of printing is reduced to the level of black and white. In addition, this printer boasts high performance, excellent image quality and the ability to print on a variety of media. The only drawback is that the ink must be maintained in a liquid state, and for this the printer must be permanently connected to the mains. When the device is restarted, the ink consumption increases.

Matrix printers create a dotted image by the shock method (the print head consists of needles). This is one of the oldest technologies, however, it is still used for inexpensive black and white mass print (tickets, checks, labels, etc.).

Choosing a particular printer, you can search for reviews on the Internet by those who already use a specific model. In doing so, pay special attention to the availability and cost of consumables (primarily replacement cartridges) for the printer. Often, the operation of an initially cheap model is quite expensive. Our online store of printers offers many models of printers, and you will surely pick the best option for price and performance.

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