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Laser printers use the electrographic principle of creating an image. This process, in particular, involves creating a relief of the electrostatic potential in the semiconductor layer with its subsequent visualization. The actual visualization is carried out with the help of particles of dry powder - toner, applied to the paper. The most important elements of a laser printer are a photoconductive cylinder (printing drum), a semiconductor laser and a precision optical-mechanical system that moves the beam.

In the market of laser printers, you can identify low-speed printers, medium-speed printers and shared printers, so-called network printers (more than 12 pages per minute), which have a large print resource and can be connected directly to the Ethernet network.

For laser printers working with A4 paper, the resolution of 600-1200 dpi (dots per inch) becomes the de-facto standard. Printers capable of working with A3 size paper typically have a resolution of 1200 dpi and higher, and a low output speed of 3-4 pages per minute. The most important functionality of printers are such as support for technology to increase the resolution, the availability of scalable fonts (PostScript, TrueType), the amount of RAM, and so on.

In addition to laser printers, there are also so-called LED-printers (Light Emitting Diode), which got their name due to the replacement of a semiconductor laser in them by "combing" the smallest LEDs. Of course, in this case, a complex optical system of rotating mirrors and lenses is not required, which allows the implementation of cheaper solutions.

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laser & LED printers