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Wallcoverings for walls. Looking into our catalog of wallpapers and fabrics, you will add us to the list of stores that are worth a visit when making repairs in a house or apartment. Sometimes there is not enough time and energy in the process of choosing building and finishing materials for the house, and it seems that having arrived at the building supermarket, you will solve all the problems in one fell swoop. But still, we want to convince you that after spending an extra hour of time and visiting our specialized wallpaper and curtain shop, you will receive:

the largest selection of wallpapers - we have practically no customers who did not find what they were looking for;

the best prices for wallpaper for walls, thanks to direct deliveries from European and Ukrainian factories;

buy wallpaper in the online store - we support our warehouse program from more than 10,000 wallpaper designs (upon request of the customer we will provide the current price list and warehouse stocks);

The store has the following wallpapers:





Wallpaper for painting


When choosing, pay attention to the width of the canvases.

The store presents wallpapers from 10 Euros to 500 Euros per roll of luxury wallpapers. With us you will make repairs easily, and your walls will become special, and will delight you and your guests for a long time.


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