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It is extremely difficult for a modern consumer to understand the variety of household appliances presented in stores. Manufacturers offer different models of TVs, each of which is characterized by a set of functions. Modern technology can simultaneously broadcast movies in excellent quality, connect to gadgets and provide access to Internet resources. Which TV set to choose to meet all expectations?
Before choosing the technique, determine for what purposes it will be used, in which room the installation is planned. For example, a TV in the living room can be connected to a DVD player or speaker system, and in the kitchen - more often works to create a background.
Our online TV store offers a wide range of models. The most common devices are liquid crystal and plasma.
A TV with a liquid crystal display (LCD) reproduces FullHD video clearly and brightly, has a thin body and low power consumption. When the signal is transmitted to the screen, there is no flicker.
If you want to buy a TV with improved color reproduction and a thinner body, pay attention to LED TV - this is the technique that is most often offered today. Additional advantages include even greater energy savings and the ability to mount to the wall at the expense of low weight.
Before you buy a TV in the store, pay attention to the models OLED (with advanced LED-backlit). The technology allows you to transmit shades as brightly and as richly as possible.
Plan to watch TV online - pay attention to the screen resolution, namely - to the following formats:
HD Ready (1366 * 768) handles the picture well when the TV's diagonal is up to 32 ".
Full HD (1920 * 1080) - the best TVs today are equipped with screens with this resolution. The device is ideal for watching TV and connecting prefixes.
4K-Ultra HD (3848 * 2160) - a format that is relevant for equipment with a screen diagonal above 50. "Our TV shop offers models with such characteristics.
Today, films and videos with a 3D image are being broadcast more and more often. Many televisions 2016 offer 3D image support functions. Viewing is carried out in special glasses.



How to buy a monitor for your computer.

If you are a movie fan and are going to watch movies on the monitor, then choose models with a large diagonal and high resolution - from 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD). The optimal aspect ratio is 16: 9 or 21: 9 (widescreen). It's better to stay on the monitor with IPS-matrix: the image quality will be better, and thanks to the wide viewing angles you can enjoy watching movies in the company of friends.

To process photos, you need an excellent quality of a static picture, and with a natural color rendition. In this case, and quite inexpensive monitors with IPS- and PLS-matrices. If your work is related to the processing of images (especially for their subsequent printing), you will need an expensive professional monitor with an expanded color coverage, which is subject to a number of special requirements.

For those who do not think their life without dynamic computer games, the minimum response time and high refresh rate will be important. That's why you should choose a monitor with a TN-matrix. Such models can not boast of excellent color rendition and large viewing angles, but will ensure the smoothness of the movement of objects in the game.

Screens of TN + film type are installed in mass inexpensive monitors, they are fast and cheap, but they have very limited vertical viewing angles. When choosing a monitor, pay attention to the design of the case and the support, since they depend on the display turning into portrait mode and setting the required height.

A universal monitor should be selected on PVA- or MVA-panels.

TVs & monitors