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Choose a desktop computer.

The difference between a desktop PC - the flexibility to create a wide variety of configurations for any needs and tasks. In addition, the computer offers ample opportunities for connecting peripheral devices.

The price of a computer depends on the configuration and can be very different. Therefore, buying a computer becomes a challenge. However, not everything is so complicated, there are several basic principles that need to be guided when choosing.

First, decide on the tasks that are put in front of the computer. If the range of tasks includes surfing the Internet, working with text files, mail, then the optimal choice will be a computer with a dual-core processor, 4 GB of RAM and a hard disk as a storage medium. Modern processors or chipsets include a built-in graphics adapter, which is sufficient for these tasks. If you are faced with the task of buying computers for the office, there will be no problems here. Configurations for these needs are common.

If you prefer a personal computer for leisure and entertainment, which include computer games, then it is worth buying a computer with more productive components. These include quad-core processors, from 8 GB of RAM and a discrete video adapter. If the budget has, then pay attention to the configuration, equipped with an SSD-drive. This will speed up the launch of the operating system and programs, regardless of the tasks assigned.

For gamers, there will be an important video card. Built-in, available on almost all new processors, will not allow you to fully enjoy the "fresh" games (except with minimal settings). When you select it, you need to consider the chip (GPU) on which it is made.

The amount of memory is of secondary importance. Also, the cooling system and interfaces play a role. It is impossible to say unambiguously which graphics processor (AMD or NVIDIA) is better. At the cost of similar options, too, almost do not differ. Regularly there are new items, so it is desirable to get acquainted with the test results (they can be found on the Internet) and choose based on the price-performance ratio.

It is worth noting that the desktop computer is not only a boring system unit. The second most popular form-factor is a monoblock computer or a "monoblock". In the case of such a PC, the usual configuration and a full-fledged monitor are combined. Monoblock is equipped with a keyboard and mouse, which allows you to use immediately after purchase, without the time and expense to purchase the necessary peripherals.

If you think that the basic (minimum) package does not satisfy your requirements, pay attention to such parameters as processor power, volume, as well as the speed of the hard disk and RAM. Those who look after the computer can come in handy feedback from other users.

Workstation - a special, stand-alone computer that combines all office equipment into one network. In their purpose, the servers differ in mail, web servers, servers with a database and software, and others.

Following this, mail servers perform the function of sending and receiving mail among users of one network. Servers with a database, respectively, are designed to store a large amount of necessary information. Access can be made by end users on the network, including various copiers and printers. The presence of such servers allows to unite not only one company into a single network. It is possible to use remote access to the server due to the latest technologies. Do not confuse the connected terminal with the server. The latter has high power and speed. You can quickly process information coming from many users. The usual computer can not afford such a high level of data protection. With this device, users can work with various applications. In addition, if you install the license on the server, the total cost of expensive network software will decrease. In particular - expensive engineering and graphics programs.

All server models have their own separate operating system to manage the server. It usually echoes with the operating systems of all network users. Most often it can be a Windows or Linux operating system for servers.

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