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When replacing kitchen appliances it is important to know all of its characteristics in order to get the maximum benefit from it in the future. In particular, this applies to built-in ovens. In the online store https://domstoria.com the equipment for baking costs from 545 Euro to 2125 Euro.

What parameters affect its quality and cost?

Built-in Ovens: Basic Selection Criteria
There are two main types of such equipment: electric and gas. Electroovens are more versatile, but they need a separate line of electrical wiring. Gas is more affordable and more economical to use.
• Type of installation. Choose an integrated oven - determine where it will be installed. Independent models can be mounted separately, dependent - only with the hob.
• Cover type. Swing door - classic. While the built-in oven with a sliding door is safer and more convenient to use.
• Energy class. The most economical is the built-in oven with A, A +, A ++ marking.
• Useful functions. The price for a built-in oven with microwave or steam cooking is higher than analogs, but it is more versatile and economical. Also useful are the options for automatic shutdown, defrosting, protection from children, convection (even distribution of hot air).
Before buying a suitable built-in oven, pay attention to parameters such as cleaning method and type of control (touch or mechanical).

In the online store of the https://domstoria.com you will find models with an oven volume from 35l to 79l and with a different set of functions. We offer the technique of famous world brands: AEG, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Zanussi and others.