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Cooking is accompanied by the release of various odors, droplets of moisture and fat, which saturate the air and adversely affect our health. In addition, the flavors "eat" in the upholstered furniture, shortening its service life. To avoid these troubles, it is necessary to place a good built-in hood in the kitchen.

What parameters are important to consider?

Built-in cooker hoods: characteristics that determine the choice
• Circulating or flow type equipment. In the first case, the built-in cooker hood for the kitchen cleans the air with filters and returns it to the room. The flow model directs the polluted air to the general ventilation system.
• Performance or throughput. It is chosen depending on the volume of the kitchen. For a standard kitchen of 3 m * 4 m and a ceiling height of 2.5 m, an exhaust hood with a capacity of 300-350 m3 / h is suitable (the room volume should be multiplied by 10). In our online store Corpcentre.ru you can buy a built-in hood for kitchens from 170 m3 / h to 1300 m3 / h.
• Width of equipment. For effective work, choose models a little more than a plate. In our online store are built-in hoods up to a width of 91 cm.

Built-in hoods are available in the online store https://domstoria.com in a wide range. It can be fireplace wall, corner or island models, as well as hanging a variety of shades, which will emphasize the design of the room. When choosing a built-in hood for the kitchen, specify the type of control (electronic, push-button, mechanical or touch).

In our online store are models from AEG, Electrolux, Samsung, Whirlpool, Zanussi and other well-known manufacturers, the quality of products is guaranteed.