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The dishwasher has several options. Popular built-in solutions that can easily fit into the interior of your kitchen. If such a task is not set, then we can safely take a free-standing machine. The latter sometimes have a removable countertop, so if desired, they are built into the kitchen set.

An important characteristic is the capacity. It is measured in sets, each of which (according to the European standard) includes 12 items. Machines for 4-7 sets are typically "bachelor" solutions. "8-11" is already a transitional option, when the family is small, there are few dishes, as well as places in the kitchen. Popular cars are designed for 12 or more sets, this is an option for families and guests.

The dishwasher can have various functions and programs. For example, connection to a hot water system. Energy consumption is reduced, but the duration of washing can increase. If you are afraid that a machine crash can lead to a flood in the kitchen, pay attention to the leakage protection function. To make it easier to wash dishes with dried food leftovers, in many models pre-soaking is now encountered.

Half loading will help to save water and electricity, if the dishes are small, and you do not want to put off the sink. Some models have an auto-program, which often works with the help of the so-called. aquasensor. The special sensor controls the degree of water contamination in the machine and corrects the program so that it is economical to wash the dishes. And thanks to a timer, you can always put a sink at a time convenient for you. Do not forget to use the cleaning agents from time to time.

On the dishwasher, the price also depends on the kind of drying that is used in it. Condensing type drying is typical for budgetary models. This means that the water evaporates and flows down the walls. This process takes about two hours. In more expensive models, active drying with recondensation takes place, in which air is continuously circulated by changing the pressure. The most expensive dishwashers are equipped with a fan for turbo-drying.

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In our assortment there are models of such trade marks as AEG, Electrolux, Indesit, Samsung, Whirlpool, Zanussi.

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