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A coffee machine is a device for automatically preparing coffee from the proposed product (grain, ground coffee). Cooking coffee in a coffee machine requires minimal human participation.

Coffee maker - a device for making coffee.

All coffee makers brew coffee in different ways (even if the same grade is used) and require grains only of a certain grind. These devices come in four types: geyser (steam), espresso, drip and capsule.

Coffee drippers of the drop type (filtration) consist of a water tank, which is heated by a special stand, filter mesh and coffee pot.

Drip coffee makers have gained popularity due to a variety of models, ease of use and cost. The principle of operation of drip coffee makers is as follows: the water heated to 95 ° C drops down on the ground coffee, located in a special mesh filter. Changing the filters, you yourself set the required strength of the drink. The anti-drip system, which is equipped with modern devices, allows you not to wait until coffee is ready. The volume of the flask of the drip coffee maker prepares up to 15 cups of the drink at a time, which remains hot for at least two hours thanks to the installed heating element.

Capsule coffee machines use coffee capsules. Their advantages - the speed of the preparation of the drink and the need to constantly clean the coffee machine.

An espresso machine or espresso machine is a device for preparing an espresso coffee drink.

The principle of the espresso coffee machine is to pass hot water through a layer of ground coffee under a certain pressure. Many modern models are also equipped with a cappuccino.

Espresso coffee machines are considered to be the best, because they are intended for cooking so loved by everyone a strong drink with a "proprietary" foam. To do this, they create a high pressure. Therefore, when choosing an espresso coffee machine, pay attention to the power of the device: the higher it is, the higher the pressure. It is better to choose coffee makers with a metal, rather than a plastic horn.

Espresso coffee machines (carob type) boil the drink by passing under the pressure of water, or water vapor through coffee.

2 types of espresso coffee machines: low pressure (boiler) and high pressure (pump). Classic espresso will be made only by the pump-type coffee machine, which heats the water and drives under pressure to 15 bar through coffee. As a result, you get a fragrant and soft drink with a smaller (in comparison with the drip version) caffeine content. The disadvantages are the bad taste, as the steam is supplied under less pressure (4 bars), which leads to the fact that the drink turns out to be "hard".

The geyser's coffee machine has a different operating principle. The design consists of a partitioned vessel. The lower compartment is filled with water, which boils, rises to the top through the coffee layer. This approach allows you to prepare an invigorating drink for 5 minutes.

In the geyser coffee machine there are two compartments, separated by a special filter. Water is poured into the bottom, coffee (coarse grind) is covered in a filter. When boiling, water passes through the filter, and the finished coffee is in the upper compartment. Some models use water vapor. Geyser coffee machines are conventional and electric. Preparation of coffee takes five minutes, and the taste will be better than the one prepared in a drip coffee machine.

A coffee machine or coffee machine?

These are two different household devices. In modern English, there are two concepts - "coffee machine" and "coffee maker". The coffee maker performs the functions of just boiling coffee from the finished ground coffee. Using a coffee maker, it is necessary to provide ground coffee or packaged coffee (in capsules), which already forces a person to perform a certain part of the work on grinding the grains. When cooking, you need to monitor the process. During the preparation, the user will need some specific skills: it will be necessary to fill up the ground coffee in the horn filter, properly compact it, forming a coffee "tablet", eventually - to remove the spent coffee grounds and clean the filter. Because of this kind of manipulation, these devices are formally referred to as coffee makers.

Unlike the coffee machine, the coffee machine grinds the grains and brews coffee from both ground coffee and coffee beans only at the touch of a button. The size of the coffee machine is much larger than the size of the coffee machine, since the coffee machine has more functional units, including electronic control. When you turn on the coffee machine makes some noise, preparing the nodes for work and signaling to the user that it is ready to work. Most first-class coffee shops and prestigious restaurants are equipped with such, traditional coffee machines.

Modern models are becoming more compact and more silent. The price of a coffee machine is about four to six times higher than the price of a coffee maker. Therefore, to increase in price, and in connection with the attractiveness for the consumer, some manufacturers and intermediaries position their goods as coffee machines.

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Coffee machines and coffeemakers