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Coffee grinder is a device for grinding coffee beans.

When choosing a device, you should pay attention to how much coffee you will process at a time. If small, it is worth paying attention to the knife type. The price of such a coffee grinder is lower. In this case, you can adjust the degree of grinding by operating time of the device. That is, the longer the unit operates, the smaller the particles. Models of this class do not predominantly have a dispenser. Knives can sometimes cause some inconvenience, since it is difficult to remove coffee powder from the bottom.

With frequent use and the need for a uniform grinding of a certain size, it is worth paying attention to grinder coffee grinders. These devices are equipped with a built-in dispenser, which provides the ability to specify the amount of coffee needed for cooking.

The degree of grinding is regulated by changing the distance between the grindstones, which makes it possible to achieve a uniform grinding of the grains and to make coffee under pressure - "cappuccino", "espresso" or "mocha".

By the principle of action, mechanical and electric coffee grinders are isolated. In the first case, grinding of the grains takes place due to manual force and millstone. At a relatively low speed of the grinding tool, the grain in it does not so much heat up as in electric models, so that the properties and aroma of coffee remain. In the second case, electricity acts as the driving force, and knives or millstones serve as the driving force. The principle of operation is similar to a mixer (blender), which is also a drawback - the heating of grains, which leads to the burning of the powder and the loss of flavor and aroma.

If you need a dispenser, then it's worth buying a mill type grinder. This device is suitable when you need to grind more and more often. Models of this type allow to regulate the degree of grinding. This is due to the change in the distance between the millstones. Coffee, therefore, can be grinded more evenly.

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Coffee grinders