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Multi cookers

Multi cookers online store Domstoria.

Multi cooker - multifunctional household or professional kitchen electrical appliance with software control, designed for cooking dishes in automatic or semi-automatic mode.

A classic multi-cooker allows you to prepare food in various ways, for example, to stew, fry, bake, steam, cook soups and cereals. The presence of microprocessor control and sensors makes it possible to automate this process. Some multi-cookers have an extended set of programs, which makes it possible, for example, to cook yoghurt or oven pizza. In addition to the usual models, there are multi-cooker-pressure cookers that allow to speed up the cooking process due to higher pressure. For the preparation of rice, there are special highly specialized multi-cookers - rice cookers.

Multi cooker are also classified by volume. The most popular models - with a bowl volume of 4.6-5.5 liters. There are also more compact solutions designed for cooking volumes up to 4.5 liters. Most models of multi-cookers are equipped with a function of maintaining the temperature, so that at the end of the preparation of the dish it will not cool down, but will be kept warm for some time. A timer is also popular, thanks to which you can start the cooking process at the right time, you just need to download the products and make the necessary settings. Some models allow you to remember the settings and save your favorite recipe in memory.

In the online store Domstoria presented multi-cookers only high quality from the world's leading manufacturers!

Our range includes models of such brands as Cuisinart, Princess, Tefal.

You can see the characteristics of the models on the product page.

Multi cookers