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Blenders online store Domstoria.

Blender is an electrical appliance intended for grinding food, preparing emulsions, mashing, beating beverages, mousses, etc., as well as ice chips.

Blender will become an assistant to the hostess in the kitchen, and will also save time and energy in cooking puree (vegetable or fruit), pancakes, scrambled eggs, sauces, cream, ice splitting, etc. For grinding nuts, vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, a special chopper is designed, the functionality of which is determined by the presence of nozzles. Having at hand this device, make mayonnaise or mashed potatoes will not be difficult.

Depending on the type of construction, stationary and hand mixers are distinguished. The first differ in size and capacity. They are equipped with a stand that holds the device during operation and performs independently, giving you freedom and time for other things. To mix products, get a model that twists and crowns and the cup itself. The hand mixer is lightweight, compact and easy to clean. The only drawback is the need to hold in your hand, which limits the freedom of action.

The intensity of whipping, the time of continuous operation of the device and the possibility of mixing a thick dough depends on the speed of rotation of the nozzles, which is determined by the nominal capacity of the mixer. The optimum value for handheld devices is in the range from 200 to 350 W, and stationary - 400-700 W. Low-power products are completed with corollas, the appearance of which resembles a wire frame. Powerful mixers and blenders have stronger and broader blades.

In a set with a blender can go different nozzles in addition to the main one, designed to create a homogeneous mass. For example, a whisk-whipper can replace a mixer. For chopping onions or turning meat into minced meat, a bowl with a double knife inside (chopper) is perfect. Some models include hooks for kneading dough, etc.

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We offer models of such brands as AEG, Electrolux, Cuisinart.

You can see the characteristics of the models on the product page.