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Vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners online store Domstoria.

Popular and customary for the consumer - vacuum cleaners with a dust bag, which is shaken out after cleaning, and in the case of disposable - is replaced with a new one. These models are quiet and compact.

Washing vacuum cleaners are intended for wet cleaning. They contain a reservoir of liquid that is sprayed over the surface, and then sucked back together with dust and dirt. Functional models are used for washing windows, cleaning smooth surfaces and other works. At the same time, the wider the possibilities, the more cumbersome and unwieldy.

A large number of manufacturers offer a wide range of equipment. It differs in power consumption. This parameter, contrary to the opinion, does not directly affect the quality of the harvesting. Maximum performance of the engine develops immediately after power-up, and then it decreases. The amount of Watt depends on the suction power, which already allows you to get a good result. It is measured after a few minutes, after the vacuum cleaner has started working. This parameter is not permanent. Suction power can vary, decreasing if the bag is filled more than half. It is convenient when there is a performance controller. You can set the desired level, based on the degree of surface contamination.

Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to power - an indicator that determines the strength of the intake of air. For normal cleaning, there will be enough models for 300 W, but if you have pets at home, or carpets with long nap, then in this case you need to choose a device from 450 watts.

Each of the modern vacuum cleaners is equipped with a filtration system. The motor filter protects the engine from getting into large particles that can disrupt operation. The permanent filter must be periodically cleaned, otherwise the device will fail. There are also replaceable options that serve only a certain period of time, after which you will need to put a new element.

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We offer models of such brands as LG, Samsung, Philips, Electrolux, Zanussi.

You can see the characteristics of the models on the product page.

Vacuum cleaners