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Robot vacuum cleaners

Robot vacuum cleaners online store Domstoria.

Robot vacuum cleaners are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, since they greatly facilitate the everyday side of human life.

It is no longer necessary to spend a lot of time and energy on maintaining cleanliness. Just turn on the robot vacuum cleaner - and he will start cleaning, without waiting for requests and instructions.

The abundance of the capabilities of these devices helps to facilitate the work on the au pair as much as possible. Robot vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning easily cope with hard surfaces, and washing models will clean the carpet, upholstered furniture, carpets, remove stains from tiles.

Your domestic worker is able to independently determine the level of floor contamination and choose from four cleaning programs one that is optimal for this type of contamination. Differential altitude sensors built into robotic vacuum cleaners will prevent them from falling down the stairs, and the navigation system will protect against collision with obstacles. Thanks to the function of setting the cleaning schedule, you can program the device to work at a time convenient for you.

Additional functions - low noise level, independent charging, disinfection and aromatization of air, change of direction and self-cleaning - will conquer even the most demanding buyer.

In our online store you can, without leaving home, consider in detail, choose and at a reasonable price to buy robotic vacuum cleaners that will make your life carefree and comfortable!

Robot vacuum cleaners