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Irons online store Domstoria.

You can choose irons in many different ways, it all depends on what and how often you iron. For example, for things with a complex cut, a lot of folds and bottlenecks, irons with an elongated spout are ideal. For ironing delicate fabrics, silk and wool, you can choose devices with a special extra sole. For denim fabric, thick and unyielding linen products, some manufacturers provide a special mode. For wetting overdried things, irons are equipped with a water spray.

In our online store you can buy irons with self-cleaning function, protection from scale and the possibility of vertical stripping. In order to iron the coat or suit, no additional devices are required

Almost all modern irons are equipped with an auto-shutdown system, which increases the safety of the device. Long, freely rotating on hinges cords allow to move during work freely. For the same safety objectives, all irons have a stable base, preventing accidental overturning and falling. Easily gliding over the fabric, moisturizing and steam ironing allow you to iron things quickly and efficiently.