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Massagers online store Domstoria.

Today the main types of hardware massage are vibro, pneumatic and hydromassage. In addition, massagers are divided into groups, depending on the massage for which part of the body they are designed. You can choose a device for any zone: for the head, face, eyes, neck, bust, press, back, hips, legs, fingers ... A special place is occupied by massage cloaks on car seats (which can also be used at home and in the office) , making long stay behind the wheel more comfortable and helping to relieve fatigue.

Separately it is necessary to speak about universal masseurs. Now they are the most popular, which is not surprising, because with their help you can massage the entire body. Such electric vibrating massagers are equipped with a variety of nozzles, which also allows you to do massages of different types. So, the roller nozzle will help to prevent the deposition of salts, improve blood circulation, fight cellulite.

Those who often experience great physical exertion, will relieve the stress of the nozzle for muscle massage. The nozzle for acupressure is often used for cosmetic purposes: to relax the muscles of the face and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, to correct the shape of the breast and the figure as a whole. With its regular use, you can make the skin more elastic and elastic. The nozzle for head massage stimulates blood circulation, which helps to accelerate growth and improve the condition of the hair.

The online store Domstoria presents massagers only of high quality from the world's leading manufacturers!

Our range includes models of such brands as AEG, Beurer, Casada, Hilton, HouseFit, Medisana, Topcom, US MEDICA, VES, Zenet.

You can see the characteristics of the models on the product page.