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Floor scales

Floor scales online store Domstoria.

Floor scales - a mandatory subject in the everyday life of those who engage in sports and fitness, monitors health. Weight control is mandatory for expectant mothers. In this case, a uniform, gradual increase in weight gives a lot of positive emotions!

In our online store you can buy floor scales, choosing the appropriate option for price, design and functionality. Simple and inexpensive floor scales show weight on a comfortable dial, more sophisticated electronic instruments can not only show your weight in grams and kilograms, but also determine the ratio of fat mass to body weight, show bone and muscle mass, and calculate the calories you need to maintain a normal weight.

Floor scales can be used by the whole family. Devices memorize the parameters of each person and give recommendations to him. The scales are switched on and off automatically. Thin, made of tempered glass, plastic with non-slip coating or wood, floor scales will become an attractive detail of the interior of your bathroom or bedroom. The use of beautiful, stylish instruments improves mood.

Floor scales