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Hair stylers

Hair stylers and curlers Online store Domstoria.

Buy a curling iron, on the one hand, is easy, but on the other hand, the range of these products is so wide that it is sometimes difficult to choose a specific model. If you need a ploy, the price of it should not be the main reference point. Looking at the cooler, you can read the reviews of those women who have already assessed the advantages and disadvantages of these or other models. But it is important to have an idea of ??what they are in general and how they differ.

Plait can be used for curling or straightening hair (universal models "know how", and then both), as well as corrugating, giving them volume and shape. First of all, they differ in diameter (for long hair, fuses of larger diameter will fit). Also pay attention to the power (the optimum temperature is 40-60 °C) and the presence of a temperature control function to avoid overheating. Not the least role is played by the coating material of the working surface. It is better to give preference not to metal, but ceramic or (even better) tourmaline, as it favorably affects the structure of the hair. The length of the cord is also desirable to know in order to be sure that you will be comfortable using a curling bar wherever you want. For reasons of convenience, many models have a swivel wire connection.

When choosing curling irons, one should take into account that they are single, double (with two heating elements, which allows to get zigzag curls), triple (help create a waving effect) and spiral (provide a quick wave).

The heating surface of "ironing", that is, leveling the plates, should be quite large. Choose models only with ceramic or Teflon coating (there will not be any styling agent left on it). Straighten the strand in one motion. Repeated exposure will have a bad effect on the health of your hair. So do not overdo it so as not to worsen the condition of your hair! The ionization function will help to protect them from over-drying and destruction.

The online store Domstoria presents hair stylers only high quality from the world's leading manufacturers!

We offer models of such brands as BaByliss, Braun, Rowenta.

You can see the characteristics of the models on the product page.

Hair stylers