StarLine M96 SL


StarLine M96 SL Security complexes

Security complexes with feedback (remote control with LCD display) and remote start


StarLine M96 SL Security complexes

Security complexes with feedback (remote control with LCD display) and remote start

Reliable security and telematics complex with integrated 2CAN-interface, authorization of the owner using Bluetooth Smart technology using a radio tag or smartphone, intelligent engine start and free monitoring.

A feature of StarLine M96 is the installation of 2 SIM cards of a telecom operator. This development is convenient, first of all, for control and protection of the car "abroad", as well as for reliable data reception / transmission in case of loss of the signal of one of the mobile operators. A tangible advantage is also a backup power system.


Bluetooth keyring (2 pcs.)

     StarLine R6 with temperature sensor

     Engine start module


     Siren S-20.3

     Service button with LED

     MicroUSB cable

     Relay 5-pin with connector

     GPS-GLONASS antenna

     Central unit

     GSM antenna

     A set of wires and mounting materials

     Set of printed products

Security and anti-theft

Record energy efficiency

StarLine guarantees the safety of a sufficiently charged car battery for up to 150 days in protection mode thanks to the use of patented technologies and software solutions.

Smart authorization via Bluetooth Smart

Only the owner receives permission to travel after authorization using Bluetooth Smart technology using smartphones on iOS and Android with Bluetooth version 4.0 and above with the StarLine mobile app.


Managing vehicle security staff keychain with reliable additional authorization tag or smartphone

Theft Protection

Protects against the potential danger of theft if keys and tags are stolen. The trip is possible only after entering an individual PIN-code using regular car buttons


Built-in battery allows you to briefly record the parameters of the vehicle accident, even in case of accidental destruction of the vehicle battery

3D shock and tilt sensor

Integrated digital shock and tilt sensor with remote tuning registers jacking and vehicle evacuat

Basic comfort features

Smart autodiagnostics (prospective service)

Save on vehicle diagnostics — get car status alerts on your mobile phone or look at

Free monitoring (optional)

With the help of simple and convenient monitoring you can find out the location of your car with an accuracy of several meters. The option is available when the GPS-GLONASS-Master is connected and there is an optional GSM-interface.


The start module allows remote and automatic engine start


External microphone allows you to listen to the car


Manage car security from anywhere in the world. Advanced technologies GSM-GPRS, GPS-GLONASS on guard of your peace of mind

Office from the phone

Bluetooth Smart guarantees reliable control of the car’s security and service functions from your smartphone, even in the absence of GSM


With the help of StarLine, the free and intuitive mobile application, you can be sure of the safety of the car, view the movement history and much more.


2 GSM-channels, 2 GSM-operators, automatic switching of 2 SIM-cards ensure reliable GSM-communication and constant monitoring of the vehicle, even in the case of loss of the signal of one of the cellular operators. And also saves your money when traveling abroad


Easy and quick update of StarLine software via GSM-GPRS

Integrated 2CAN

Built-in 2CAN-interface provides installation of StarLine security equipment on modern cars equipped with several digital CAN buses, convenient, and safe.

Personal settings

Programmable control parameters for hazard warning lights, folding mirrors when arming, setting the seat under the owner and much more

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