Terms of guarantee:

1. Warranty repair (or replacement of goods) is carried out subject to the following conditions:

Correct and accurate filling of the warranty card, the absence of any corrections in the coupon, the availability of the sales date in the coupon, the buyer's signature.

Presentation of the faulty device in its entirety, including the original packaging.

Preservation of the warranty number on the device.

When making claims of the consumer in writing describing the sequence of actions due to which shortcomings or loss of his operability to e-mail occurred: support@domstoria.com

2. The consumer loses the right to free warranty service in the following cases:

The presence of mechanical, electrical, chemical and other external or internal hidden damage (determined by the authorized service center from the manufacturer) of the device or completeness.

Violations or spoilage of completeness.

Absence (loss, damage) of the warranty coupon.

If you break the seals, labels stickers, if you find traces, re-gluing or marking, abrasions, leading to the inability to read the serial number, trademarks, type and article number.

Presence of traces of self-repair or parsing of the device (determined by the service center).

Violation of the operating rules (when operating the device in a room with a high content of dust, smoke or moisture, improper connection), or damage to goods in connection with natural disasters.

Unqualified user actions.

The service center is not responsible for any possible damage directly or indirectly caused to the product by people, pets, property in case it resulted from non-observance of the rules and operating conditions, installation of the product, deliberate and careless actions of the buyer (consumer) or third parties. Also not responsible for possible damage, directly or indirectly caused by the product of the appropriate purpose, as a result of loss, damage or alteration of data and information.

3. The subject of a guarantee is not a malfunction caused by the operation of unlicensed or self-developed software.

4. The guarantee does not provide routine maintenance and departure to the buyer.

5. Warranties are not subject to consumables and equivalent components (including fans).

6. Warranty on the keyboard, computer mice, headphones is not covered.

7. Warranty maintenance of monitors, telephones (smartphones), facsimile and photocopiers, scanners, printers, uninterruptible power supplies, modems, household appliances is made by the user in the service centers.

8. Guarantees and return of clothing and footwear is possible if it was not in use, and its original packaging, presentation and consumer properties (labels, labels containing product characteristics) are preserved. Sometimes the product may not be suitable or not like, so you can always return it within 30 calendar days after delivery. If for any reason you have made such a decision, please contact us by phone or online to arrange a refund: e-mail: support@domstoria.com, tel: +3728804547. Fill in the return application attached to the order or payment order; A) in the table next to the name of the goods in the column "Quantity", indicate the quantity of goods, turn and the reason for the return (explanation in the field "Reason code of return"); B) fill in the table with your personal data and details for the return of funds; C) make a personal signature. If you want us to compensate for the cost of sending, please also enclose a receipt about the payment for the delivery service. On all questions of return of goods, you can always get advice from specialists of the Customer Service Center domstoria.com by phone: +3728804547.

9. When ordering furniture, furniture fittings and interior when contacting our managers, designers will help you in consultation with the design of your premises - (departure of designer and gauger paid, agreed separately).

After receiving all the necessary information and confirming the order of the goods, you are given an invoice for payment, which you can pay through the basket of our website.

Further it is necessary to confirm the payment in any convenient way for you (the way to confirm the payment is clarified by the manager).

The goods in stock are delivered within one to three working days. Also, you can pay for the fact of delivery in consultation with the store manager. If the goods are ordered, it will be delivered on time, agreed with the manager, subject to 100% prepayment for the goods.

Assembly and installation of furniture or other goods is an additional service, which is ordered separately at the request of the client. Payment on the fact of work performed.


The skid of equipment, furniture manually over 8 floors is paid at a double rate, both for large household appliances. It is necessary that the buyer is at the delivery address within the agreed time interval.

The minimum cost of assembly is 90 €. One hole in the wall for a hitch 9 €.

Departure of the master for the ordered works only after the confirmation of the forwarder about the execution of the order, if other conditions are not agreed in advance. The place where the work is to be done must be previously freed from old furniture and other items.

We will always be happy to help and advise you in our store domstoria.com