Domstoria is the reliability and confidence of our customers in the purchased product in our online store. This is a variety of goods: household appliances, TV, electric and water transport, computer equipment, construction equipment, goods for tourism and recreation, furniture and interiors, production equipment and machines, sports goods, children's goods, clothing and footwear, Goods of industrial group. Warehouse shipping. Address delivery. Installation - installation. We work to ensure that every person who cares about comfort and convenience has the opportunity to fill his house with things that will make his life better. We all know that each person seeks to improve the conditions in which he lives and his close people, to make his house modern and ergonomic. Modern technology for the home makes it possible to save the precious time to the maximum. New gadgets will help you not only to work faster and better, but it's easy to relax in any place. We are represented on such trading floors as:

Online store Domstoria works to buy household appliances in Europe was easy. In the priority of our online store:

- only quality, functional and reliable goods.

- competitive prices, availability of goods with different price ranges.

- Quality service.

When paying for a purchase, you can use both cash and non-cash payment methods. We accept Visa, Master Card and other types of online payment through PayPal. You just have to choose the most convenient way for you.

In addition, we offer the use of all the amenities of the delivery of goods. Online store Domstoria delivers throughout Europe via carriers: UPS, DHL, TNT, Topcargo, Wingo, Meest. Consultants of our call center will gladly advise you on all questions about the product and the purchase process.